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What is Barbell Club?

Barbell club  is designed to make you stronger. Through what we call (compound) multi joint movements using the hips,knees,elbows and shoulders we perform exercises that use all of these joints and the many muscles that move these joints.Our experienced and skilled coaches will initially help you to understand the movement and then ingrain techniques to ensure you lift safely and efficiently. With maximum strength we are learning how to create a maximal force and release this force to lift heavy loads. You will go through activation drills to engage the muscles ready to be worked, move on to your warm up sets and then go through your structured workout sets. You will then work on assistance exercises through volume to assist building muscular size and strength to help with the big lifts. The lifts you will  learn are the squat,the deadlift and the overhead press.

Benefits of Strength Training?

Muscular Strength is important. From the age of just 25 years old we begin to lose muscle. If you do not use your muscles you lose your muscles,it really is that simple. As we age if we do not weight lift the muscle attachments become weak, consequently this makes our joints unstable and this is why the elderly often unfortunately do fall.  We need to train our muscles to remain strong, fit and healthy. The other major benefit of weight training is that are bones regenerate through weight loaded exercises to keep them healthy as we age. No other training does this as effectively as with weight lifting. With strength training you will burn more fat and your body will become more efficient at rest, burning calories up to 5 days after a heavy lifting workout. This is the major benefit of having a more muscular physique. You will develop muscular power,speed and strength and change your body composition with regular strength training.

Is Barbell Club for any ability?

This class is for any ability whether you are a beginner or have lifted before our skilled experienced coaches will teach you how to lift safely and efficiently. Everyone should weight lift young,older,male or female the benefits are well worth your time and men and women both get the same satisfaction a year down the line when they have doubled their strength.

We have early morning, mid morning,afternoon and evening classes please enter your details under the free trial tab to view class dates and times.

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