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Em-power Fitness Boxing Club

Boxing is an absolutely fantastic way to keep fit, have fun and learn how to protect ourselves if needed. At EF we teach you the fundamentals of boxing training and improve your muscular strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness.


Boxing Club is on M/W/F at 1600 straight after school is for 10- 15 years of age only and open to boys and girls. EF boxing club memberships allow for 2 or 3 sessions per week. .Single sessions may also be purchased as a drop in class pass.

 For those looking for the coach to themselves 1-1 are available  for kids and youths but please speak to us about these individual sessions.

Our instructors are dbs checked and also able to work with children with adhd,autism and behavioural problems. We have helped many kids already.

For adults 1-1  boxing is available and for those who wish to compete, our talented boxing coach Miro will get you "Ring ready" to fight. Please get in contact for all 1-1 boxing coaching.

All kids must arrive with water bottles and appropriate footwear and are encouraged to buy their own boxing gloves or purchase from us on site. We do have gloves on site  to use for those who are new to boxing. We also sell hand wraps on site for the protection of hands and wrists. 

The kids will be expected to listen and follow at all times the instruction from the coach building discipline and respect for hard work and others. 

If you have a child or children  who struggle with confidence ,anxiety or behavioural issues this class will help them massively grow in these important areas. 

Parents are welcome to sit and watch as we have an outside area or to leave and return at 5 minutes prior to the session ending.

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