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About Em-power Fitness

Em-power fitness was founded as for many years Pershore has needed a serious training facility. A place where you can actually make real progress in fitness and health. At Em-power fitness we train our clients with the exercises that actually force adaptation. We focus on your physical strength ,power ,speed ,agility and flexibility. We have specialist equipment and the highest qualified and experienced coaches in the area who are passionate about getting you results whatever you may wish to achieve. 


We are a performance gym but remember we can all perform better, no matter what stage we are currently at. And the feeling you will get hitting targets you thought at the start you may never achieve is what we really love to see. We have a variety of members, all of different ages and abilities. Real people, becoming stronger and fitter whilst making friends at the same time. Socialising with functions inside and outside of the gym at Em-power everyone knows each others name personally. As an independent, private members only facility we have less members than commercial gyms ,everyone is respected ,equipment is always put away and our members really like the no ego and friendly environment.

At EF we can get rid of the back pain you have had for years, improve your body composition and confidence, reduce your risks of cardio vascular disease,strokes,osteoporosis,osteoarthritis,gain strength throughout the body and rehabilitate from injury. We help individuals with autism,anxiety,depression and behavioral issues. Exercise and a positive community based environment is key to your long term success.

Through listening to feedback from our members, we have structured our packages to provide options for everyone. We want everyone to feel safe and comfortable in the gym. If you are confident to train alone then we have 24/7 open gym access. If you feel you need to learn more about lifting with barbells ,we have 1-1 personal training and for those who may not have the finances for a personal pt we have beginners classes every Friday to get you lifting. We also specialise in Olympic weightlifting and Strongman training for those who really want to test their skill and strength levels or learn something completely new.

We do not have machines or running machines at Em-power. You may ask why? Well at Em-power we train you as our bodies are designed to move freely in open space. Running outside and using our bodies to squat , deadlift , push and pull as we naturally function. 

One thing for sure we can guarantee is listen to us and your body will have no real choice in becoming stronger ,leaner and fitter. Empowering you for a brighter future.

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