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If you feel like you are unsure of what to do in the weights room then we would advise some 1-1 personal training with one of our coaches. Our coaches will initially discuss what you would like to achieve and what your previous experience and background is within sports and exercise.

An individual programme will be tailored specifically for you, after all we are all different. You will then work through your programme with your chosen personal trainer who will teach and watch your every move throughout your hourly sessions.


Our personal training programmes are in 6 or 12 week blocks with 2-4 sessions per week dependant on your choice. The programmes start at 6 weeks commitment from you as this is the minimum time you will need to see results whether that is losing body mass and inches, becoming bigger and stronger or feeling healthier and fitter. At Em-power fitness we stand by our results and if you follow our guidance and work hard we guarantee results for you. We also have a nutritionist who can advise on nutrition and provide an individual food plan which we highly recommend for optimal results.


Whatever your goal may be, increased strength, weight loss or general well being, Em-Power fitness is the leading fitness facility in Pershore, if you want to see what people think of us and what we have created then just look at our reviews on google or facebook.


For further information fill in our contact form and we look forward to guiding you to sustained change whilst enjoying the journey. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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