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What is Olympic Lifting?

Olympic lifting is skilled no doubt but everyone starts somewhere remember that and if you are the sort of person that would like to learn something new and improve over time the benefits are huge.  Olympic lifting  is a sport where you attempt to lift the maximum weight  single lift of a loaded barbell. Olympic lifting trains  the explosive strength and lifting is faster and more explosive with a greater range of mobility than any other barbell training system, The 2 main movements in Olympic lifting are the Clean and Jerk, and Snatch.

Benefits of Olympic Lifting

 Olympic lifting  will change your body composition and develop muscular power,strength and speed through the lifting techniques that you will learn to master through repetition.Your core strength will be worked stabilising the loads you lift which will improve your overall posture and a strong core will often alleviate common annoying lower back pains.Your entire body is worked and you will be switching back on muscles that may not have been active for some time.

Is Olympic Lifting for any ability?

Anyone can learn to Olympic lift. The movements are broken down into segments that you progress with over time. Our skilled coaches will be able to see if you have any mobility issues that is common and will explain how you can improve on these to help with the movements.This will at the same time help to improve your posture and flexibility. You do not progress until you are ready. Consistency is key.


We have early morning, mid morning,afternoon and evening classes please enter your details under the free trial tab to view class dates and times.

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