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What is Metcon?

Metcon classes are high intensity fast paced training that have a variety of exercises and use different energy systems to help you become all round fit. The big five contributors to overall fitness- flexibility,strength, aerobic fitness,muscular endurance, and power will  all be worked with Metcon workouts.

Benefits of Metcon.

Metcon will work your entire  body and you will gain muscle whilst losing fat ,this is something we can guarantee by our proven track records. Those who choose to regularly participate in this training system both men and women will see vast improvements in there overall fitness. Metcon classes will improve your all around aerobic efficiency,strength and mobility. If burning fat is your goal whilst gaining strength at the same time then this class is very effective.

Is Metcon for any ability?

Yes all ages over 14 and  all abilities can book onto this class. Whether your are a beginner or experienced our skilled coaches can adapt any exercise  for you so please do not worry about your current level of fitness or ability.


We have early morning, mid morning,afternoon and evening classes please enter your details under the free trial tab to view class dates and times.

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